Saturday, June 26, 2010

The 21 Best Reasons to Work With a Headhunter (Part 3)

8: We know “market values”. Headhunters who specialize in a particular industry or functional discipline know what jobs are worth. We know what candidates are worth. My experience is that most employers are not willing to pay for the talent they need or want, but hire those who are willing to take the job at the prescribed pay level which fits into “the range". Those ranges are seldom designed to attract (or retain)top performers.

Conversely, candidates tend to over-estimate their value and will dig around until they find someone who is willing to pay them what they think they are worth. This usually turns out badly. The employer eventually realizes that he’s overpaid and regrets hiring the person. Or, the candidate discovers that he’s now in a terrible job with an awful company that can only get people by overpaying.

9: We know “market conditions”. Headhunters understand how markets shift between geographies and functions and economic cycles. For example, several years ago we saw a lot of value being placed on people who could manage driver recruiting departments. Then things changed and the focus was on business development people. Now we’re seeing a shift back toward driver recruiting or capacity development. And values can shift between segments within an industry, i.e. geographic region or service sector.

10: We know companies. Experienced headhunters learn companies. We learn about their cultures, their values, how they motivate employees, how they treat vendors and how they serve customers.

11: We know why an employer needs to fill the position. (Something any rational candidate should want to know before considering the opportunity).

12. We know why a candidate is interested in finding a new position. (Something any rational employer should want to know before considering someone for employment.)

We know a lot more stuff and I'll cover that next week in Part 4....

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