Saturday, August 15, 2015


"Of course life is bizarre, the more bizarre it gets, the more interesting it is. The only way to approach it is to make yourself some popcorn and enjoy the show.”- David Gerrold

I appreciate technological advancements, in theory. In practice, I am a skeptic. If I have something that works, I am not much inclined to reach out for something that claims to work better. I held on to my Blackberry until the bitter end. The combination of observing all of the things my wife could do with her Samsung smart phone and the sheer humiliation of having small children point and laugh when they saw me using the Blackberry, finally pushed me over the edge last year and I got a MotoX. It’s still not the fanciest device out there and it’s not cool. And I use it mostly for the same stuff for which I used the Blackberry. But, now I am only 5 years behind the techno-curve, not 15.

I jumped on the iPAD several years ago. I didn’t have anything else that could do what the iPAD could do, so I wanted one. It’s now an old, old iPAD and people keep telling me I should upgrade. This one does what I want done, I am happy. I will wear it out, then upgrade to something that has probably been around for at least two years.

I was early on the e-readers. Bought one of the first Kindles. Still using it. See no need to change. It does what I want done. Leave me alone. I still do not download music to my phone. I just don’t see a need for it. I have music on my computer and in my home. When I go on a long-walk or work-out, I don’t want the distraction. I don’t need music playing in the background. When I listen to music, I really listen to music.

My wife is more easily bored than I am and she’s not a big reader. So when we travel, she wants to watch TV shows and movies on her iPad. She has a Netflix account and goes on about all of their great programming. I don’t like watching shows on the iPad or even on my computer. And, I wasn’t sold on connecting streaming video to our big screen TV. But, my wife knows how to work me, so she starts sending me links to the various types of devices which are available to “easily and affordably” connect ones television to the internet.

I finally gave in and purchased a Roku 3 device. Little did my wife know that she would create a monster. I am now binge watching Orange Is The New Black and House of Cards. I’ve started a half dozen other series and will eventually binge on them once I get caught up on OITNB and HOC. And now that I can get You Tube on the big screen, I can watch my favorite scenes from my favorite movies. I mean who doesn’t like the “Ecstasy of Gold” scene from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (other than my wife)?

I remember many years ago, my mother resisting the gift of a microwave oven. She had a perfectly good electric toaster oven for warming up leftovers and the microwave seemed dangerous and unnecessary. What finally won her over was microwave popcorn. She and her dog loved microwave popcorn. Once popcorn opened the door, she embraced her microwave and it became her go to appliance.

Those who develop technology and more importantly those who market it should take note. If you want to sell to the mainstream; find out what they like….then give it to them. Not bad advice, no matter what you’re selling.