Friday, October 15, 2010

Getting U Down (Part 2)

So what should our government do? Why not start a program that will provide job training? Why not offer loans and grants and other financial assistance to deserving folks who just need a “hand up, not a hand out”? Why not? Because we already have over 60 federal programs that supposedly do this. There are probably twice as many state, regional and local programs attempting to do the same thing. If you’re really bored sometime, read the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). That’s just one program and it looks great on paper. And if you add in the all the other programs, I see no reason why we should have 3.2 Million jobs going unfilled with over 14M unemployed and probably another 20-30M who’ve just given up and exited the workforce. So I’m thinking these programs must not be working all that well. If a private business had this many departments, programs, task forces and special projects spending money to address one issue, they would go broke. Oh that’s right, our government has gone broke. Repeat after me: "We don’t need another government program."

So what should our government do? The best way for the government to get the U (unemployment) down is to get the E(economy)up. I think there are three areas where the government must take action. Number one, tax policy should encourage business investment and profitability IN THE USA. Ours doesn't. Number two, massive investment is needed in our infrastructure. We are behind the curve and falling farther behind. The projects underway and/or being planned are nice first steps, but not nearly enough. Number three, get serious about energy. We must reduce our dependence on foreign oil. It’s going to be painful and take a lot of sacrifice, but it must be done. I honestly believe that if the politicians would just give half as much attention to these three issues as they do to getting re-elected, we could accomplish great things.

But the results won’t be there within an election cycle. So it is unlikely that our politicians will step up and do the right thing. If that is the case, then I would just say to our leaders in Washington…put down the shovel. Please give us a chance to climb out of the hole, before it gets any deeper.

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