Saturday, May 7, 2011

Political Correctness- KIA

The last installment of the “Interview With Purpose” series will have to wait. It has been a great week for America. Bin Laden sleeps with the fishes. We sent a message to the rest of the world that we do not forget, we do not give up and that we will deliver justice no matter how long it takes or whatever it cost. Chalk one up for the good guys. Seal Team Six kicked ass. And, no matter how you lean politically, we have to give it up to President Obama for giving the order. Well done.

But, it is now clear that our Seal Team Six training failed in one very critical area: Political Correctness. “For God and Country; Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo…E-KIA”(meaning enemy killed in action.) Those were the words used by the leader of the Seal Team Six strike force as he reported the mission’s successful outcome to the President. How insensitive. Atheists are angered by the reference to God. Native Americans, Apaches in particular, are pissed off that Geronimo’s name will now be forever associated with this most wanted Al-Qaida terrorist. And probably someone, somewhere whose initials include the letter “E” is now on suicide watch.

The atheists are always upset about something, so I’m not surprised that they are having a hissy fit over this. But the Indians? (My bad… I meant to say Native Americans). It’s a free country so they have every right to be offended if they choose to be offended. I just don’t think they have a good reason. At this point it’s unclear to me whether Geronimo was the code name for Bin Laden, for the entire operation itself or just code for a successful outcome. I’ve heard that the operation was actually called “Jackpot” and that Bin Laden was Santa Claus. I don’t know and I really don’t care. Perhaps I would care if I was a Native American, or an Apache or my name was Geronimo (or Jerome…Geronimo is Spanish for Jerome…at this point let’s not leave anyone out).

My father served in the 101st Airborne back in WWII. Many of those paratroopers shouted Geronimo when they jumped out of the plane. Apparently it was a fitting tribute to Geronimo who once upon a time supposedly jumped from a high cliff to avoid capture, survived the fall and escaped. This became a scene in the 1939 film titled “Geronimo”. It stuck with those young men and teenagers who later became paratroopers. Some of the paratroopers even wore Mohawks and their faces were painted black (now I just offended another tribe plus an entire race). The Germans called them “Teufel”, Devils (now you can add Wiccans and Satan worshippers to the list of those offended by this rant). And those American “Devils” killed Germans by the bushel (hope I didn't cross a line there with Germans or farmers). These days the 101st would have a lot of explaining to do. And so would Victor Daniels, aka Chief Thundercloud, the Cherokee who played Geronimo in the movie. What was he thinking?

Next time Seal Team Six is trying to come up with code words, they have my permission to use Redneck, Texan, Headhunter, Bogey Golfer, Red Raider, Old Fart or just Click.

(Now I’m waiting for PETA to start bitching about the Seal Team Six attack dog with the titanium teeth implants. I love that dog.)

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