Saturday, November 5, 2016

E Pluribus Unum

I have not voted yet. But I will vote on Tuesday. If you have not already voted, you should. It’s your right, it’s a privilege and it’s your duty. So go vote. That our options are poor is a another issue. Go vote. Hold your nose and take a long shower afterward if you have to. But go vote. And then get ready for the fallout.

Yes, there is going to be “fallout”. Fallout, backlash, wailing and gnashing of teeth; no matter who wins on Tuesday. We are a nation divided. Maybe not Civil War divided yet, but getting closer. We are divided on some really tough issues: abortion, gay marriage, immigration, gun control, global warming, taxes, law enforcement, race, gender, education, the economy and almost every major issue that impacts life in America. There are fundamental differences with regard to the role of government, personal freedom and human rights.

E Pluribus Unum…Out of Many, One. Can we come together as One Nation? I honestly don’t know. When the definitions of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are vastly different, then it’s no longer about how to attain those goals. We can’t even agree on what they mean. One thing is certain, come Wednesday morning the losing side will sincerely believe that our nation is headed in the wrong direction. And even the winning side isn’t going to feel much better.

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