Saturday, July 29, 2017

Buyer's Remorse

I’ve made some bad purchases in my life. Mostly back in the 70’s. When gas prices were going crazy I bought a Ford Pinto. Hello, Buyer’s Remorse. When it was a thing I got a man-perm. I used to have thick curly hair, so I figured an Afro would look cool and be easy to maintain. Again Buyer’s remorse. We bought an old house and fixed it up. Fixing it up included lime green shag carpet (with some brown and gold mixed in). A decision that should have brought on buyer’s remorse, but I actually thought it looked good at the time. I had similar feelings about the gold plated necklace I wore until I saw an old photograph the other day. Buyer’s remorse AND embarrassment.

Over the years, I’ve bought several items that left me with buyer’s remorse. There’s the expensive, wired up cabinet and universal remote that controls everything when it actually works, which is rarely. So I end up opening doors and drawers, turning things on and off manually. The genius that sold it and set it up says the problem has to do with the way my house is constructed. Something about energy forces intersecting and bad feng shui. Buyer’s remorse.

We went with a tankless water heater when we built our house. What a rip-off. Buyer’s remorse.

I’ve got a garage full of golf clubs, mostly drivers and putters that don’t work right. Buyer’s remorse.

I paid $5 for a Siamese cat one time. Buyer’s remorse

I ended up trading that Pinto for an AMC Pacer. Buyer’s remorse…big time.

And...I voted for Donald Trump….

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