Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Not So Super Tuesday

So I plan on voting this Tuesday. I’ll be voting in the Republican primary, of course. Although I was raised a Democrat and even in my adult life have, on occasion, voted Democrat; I tend to lean more toward the conservative side on fiscal issues and international policy, less so on domestic /social. In fact, I recently took one of those on-line “who should you vote for” surveys and Hillary Clinton came in just ahead of John Kasich. Well, I’m not voting for Hillary and I don’t think Kasich can win, although I sort of like the guy. I just cannot check the box for Trump or Cruz in this primary. So I guess, I’ll vote for Rubio even though Trump is not far off when he calls Rubio a “lightweight”. Marco is sort of the Republican’s version of Obama…shows well but isn’t really qualified for a CEO position.

The political process is broken. When one looks at the candidates, not just Republican, but in both parties; it’s shocking that we do not have better options. I suppose anyone who is qualified and capable of doing the job is too smart to take it. Come November, if Trump is the Republican candidate, I may just stay home. It won’t matter. Texas will go Republican no matter who’s running. God help us if either Trump or Clinton lands in the White House. But, we the people are survivors. We made it through two terms of Obama and let’s be honest, Gee Dubya wasn’t great either. Maybe we don’t need greatness in a President. About now I’d settle for honesty and competence.

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