Saturday, February 22, 2014

File Dump

I’ve been too busy lately to organize my thoughts so as to write more than a line or two about any particular subject. And most of the subjects that come to mind have been controversial and I don’t want to piss people off. (Well, actually I don’t mind pissing people off. But when it comes to really controversial subjects I sometimes piss myself off and I just don’t want to be pissed off right now.)
Nevertheless, a lot of stuff has been bouncing around in my head, so I figured that I might as well unload. I’ll return to some of these subjects in the weeks ahead and elaborate further.

_1. The Winter Olympics suck. I am impressed by the athletes and many of the events are a lot of fun..IF you are the one doing them. But as spectator sports, they suck. Curling? Really?

_2. I am so tired of the environmentalists bitching about fracking, tar sands and the Keystone pipeline. Are there risks? Of course. Would it be better if we actually had cleaner energy options totally up and running TODAY which could replace fossil fuels? Sure. But we are where we are and we need to move forward with the utilization of our own natural resources.

_3. I still like Chris Christi.

_4. The Denver Broncos really let me down. They looked old and slow compared to the Seattle Seahawks. I still do not like Pete Carroll.

_5. Winters like this make me so glad that I no longer have any responsibility for trucks on the road or moving freight from point A to point B.

_6. The truck driver shortage is real and will get worse. It is only one piece of the labor shortage puzzle this country will face during the first half of this century. It is a major strategic problem for the U.S. economy.

_7. Michael Sam, the football player, is gay. Nothing to see here. Move on.

_8. Most of the Western US from California to Texas is experiencing an epic drought. Whether it is global warming or just part of a 500 or 1000 or 10,000 year cycle…if it last much longer we are in big trouble.

_9. College basketball has become almost unwatchable. Too many foul calls and the last 3 minutes of every game are nothing but time outs and free throws.

_10. I finally gave up my blackberry and got an android. I miss my blackberry.

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